Sport, leisure and recreation is part of all of our lives and whilst seen as ‘fun’ is a serious business with billions of dollars spent annually on community and commercial ventures, services and programmes.

One Eighty understands this significance and the role sport, recreation and leisure plays in the social and economic fabric of society.  We are passionate about the benefits of our sector and offer professional advice and business solutions to all levels of providers including Federal, State and Local Governments, multinational organisations and grass roots providers and services in local and regional communities.

We welcome the opportunity to assist organisations to turn around their challenges to address their corporate objectives and ultimately develop healthy, vibrant businesses and communities.


One Eighty is an Australasian company providing innovative planning and business solutions in the development of public and private sport, recreation and leisure opportunities.

To achieve our mission we tailor services to respond to a variety of different but complementary professions and skills involved in the planning and provision of sport and leisure.  These include statutory and social planning, consultation, needs analyses and research, asset and open space planning, facility design and cost assessment, facility management, service provision and performance management and review.



To be recognised as a trusted, respected leader the industry turns to for professional business advice relating to the development of sport, recreation and leisure opportunities.


Our values include:

  • Being passionate about what we do by:
    • Enhancing lifestyle and wellbeing of the community through the development of sport, recreation and quality leisure time opportunities.
    • Showcasing and promoting the social, economic and environmental benefits of leisure.
    • Assisting providers, businesses and government to better provide their services, programmes and businesses.
    • Being open and flexible in our approach.
    • Enjoying our work.
  • Being a good corporate citizen by
    • Providing a safe and welcoming work environment.
    • Protecting and preserving our natural environment.
    • Supporting disadvantaged sectors of the world community.
  • Working with our clients to:
    • Understand their needs and challenges.
    • Continuously researching and understanding changes in the sector.
    • Creating best practice and innovative methods of delivery.
    • Being creative in our approach.